Once a student begins to obsorb the the basic actions and concepts and drills of the wing chun system, we begin to explore the drills under a controlled pressure test, allowing the student to begin to explore how the techneques work. We start this by simply taking two ways of attacking a stright punch and round punch making sure the attacks are on target giving a relistic feeling to the drill. we start this process off light and as the student becomes confident the intesity is raised a little more each time as long as the student is able to cope. We also start to make the drills more random so the student begins to learn to deal with random attacks. once the student is able to do the above we then introduce sparring into the training allowing the wing chun student to feel the reality of fighting in a controlled enviroment. we also look at awareness and use the fence concept with our wing chun. making sure the student knows how to be aware of the situation that could be put in front of them.

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Pictured to the right is two students doing light sparing learning to apply there Wing Chun Skills.